I wonder what I’m wearing for Pride this year…

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On September 22nd, I will be going to see TRUST live in St. Louis (Never fucking thought I’d ever be able to say that). If anyone of you who know him want to come with me then please let me know, I would love a concert buddy :)

It was one of the extremely rare times that no one else was there. SCORE! 

So, I stuck my foot in the water to see what the temperature might be at and it felt decent. But I think we all know that it’s all fun and games until the water gets up to your thighs. But I powered through it. 

5 minutes later (because I’m a sissy and I was lonely) I got out and walked back to my place without a towel because I’m a very forgetful little shit. 

I passed by a building that had a tenant standing on the 2nd floor balcony of his apartment smoking a cigarette and watching me walk by. We did that whole awkward eye contact thing but he took it to the next level by waving. Straight guys don’t wave so he pretty much gave himself away there but that was a nice friendly encounter. 

I got home and I just took my swim trunks off outside at the door since I figured no one would see me in the buff with a big tree blocking most of the view. I stepped in to my apartment and I felt my body shrink since the a/c was on. Once I was in the bathroom I saw that my nipples and dick were the tiniest they had ever been. But a nice warm shower fixed that right up.

I will now proceed to making a pitcher of sweet tea and baked ziti and watch “Spirited Away,” 

I hope you all have a very pleasant evening :)

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  1. Camera: Nikon D800
  2. Aperture: f/2.8
  3. Exposure: 10"
  4. Focal Length: 16mm
What else is there to do on Sunday’s but to expose your arm, buttocks, and the left side of your head?

What else is there to do on Sunday’s but to expose your arm, buttocks, and the left side of your head?

Album Art

"I called her on the phone and she touched herself" was just the coolest thing to say in high school. 

Played 854 times.


i look at my hands.

there is something very wrong.

they’re not on your butt.


he just can’t let it go



That fucking Victoria was such a twat. 

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Justin III // 35mm // Los Angeles 2014